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Our BulkSMS Service is the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective way of communicating directly with your customers to increase purchase frequency, top of mind dominance, loyalty and referrals.

With BULK SMS, the mobile unit doesn’t even have to be switched on to receive a message. The users receive their messages as soon as the phone is on air, making it the ideal mode of communicating.

Sign up and get 2 units free to test the system. No monthly fees, No hidden charges.

No software to install, send directly from your web browser.

Some Features You Enjoy

  • Simple to use and mobile compatible.
  • Online Payment: Pay securely using your ATM Debit Card and get units applied on your account anytime of the day.
  • Get credited fast by alerting Admin online with the online order system.
  • All networks supported (including CDMA networks).
  • Reporting: Real time reports of messages sent
  • Scheduling: Schedule Messages for later delivery.
  • Customization: Create personalized messages addressing each user uniquely.
  • Alpha Numeric Sender ID’s: Use a combination or numbers, alphabets and special characters in your Sender ID
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